Presbyterian Women

The women’s organization of the Milton Church plays a vital role in the fellowship, mission, Bible study, and outreach of the congregation.

Monthly Bible study and fellowship circles meet in residences and at the church in the morning and evening.  These meetings are a core element of the Presbyterian Women, but by no means define our activities.

Seasonal gatherings on a wide variety of interesting topics take place each year.  Recent guests who have shared their faith, their stories, and their gifts include missionaries, musicians, and storytellers.

Fundraising events have included a biannual rummage sale, an annual Swiss Steak supper, and a wonderful cookbook produced in honor of the 125th anniversary of our church.  The Presbyterian Women have supported through their donations the Central American Medical Organization (CAMO), Living Waters, Wayne County Children’s Services, Heifer Project International, and Every Woman’s House, among many other groups.

Mission gifts are also given to help sustain the faithful efforts of the many Presbyterian mission organizations operating on national and international levels.

As a gift to members and participants in our congregation, funeral luncheons are provided to allow the grieving family an opportunity to gather and remember the gift of the one who is gone.

Milton Presbyterian Women’s (MPW) events are open to all women of the congregation and their frequent guests and visitors.

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