Small children are a big priority at the Milton Presbyterian Church. Please be patient during worship as sometimes babies will cry out with enthusiasm and young ones will dance in the aisles to the hymns—even if some of the hymns are 100 years old! It is our desire for the next generation to know God’s truth in the ways we care for each other.

Nursery & Junior Church

During worship, if you’d like to take your young children under 2 years old to the nursery, there are volunteers that can help watch the kids during the service. Of course you are also more than welcome to have your babies join us for worship too.

Every Sunday, about 15 minutes into the service all the kids in church are invited to hear a fun, simple message on the scripture lesson that week and then go to Junior Church. During Junior Church, usually taking place in the classrooms in our education wing, all kids ages 2-14 continue to explore the lesson through crafts, song, games and story. At Junior Church, The older kids are encouraged to help teach the younger kids and be examples for them while still learning more about God’s story in a deeper way through more challenging lessons and questions.

Different curriculum geared towards both older kids and younger kids in an inter generational setting is selected for 10-week sessions throughout the year so the kids can get a good overview of God’s love for us and how it is fulfilled and understood in the life of Jesus and the sacrifice he made for us.

If you are interested in helping out with the nursery, junior church, or learning more about other special programs, please let us by calling the office or sending an email to Thanks!

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