Every Sunday we meet in the Sanctuary at 10:30am to worship God. In the summer, beginning on the Sunday after Memorial Day, we begin worship at 9:30am and then switch back to start at 10:30 on the Sunday after Labor Day. Worship is an experience that should draw us closer to God through our coming together, our repentance, acknowledging the forgiveness of our sin, hearing God’s word in scripture, learning about how God’s word influences our lives, prayer, and going out into the world with renewed purpose. Throughout the service, we will lift up our voices in songs of praise and contemplation.

At the Milton Church our members participate in Choir and Handbell Choir, who regularly glorify God with their gifts during Sunday worship. Our Choir Director is Mickey Shankland.

We also have a beautiful, 15 Rank Schantz Organ, originally installed when the Church Building was constructed in 1964 as a 6 rank organ and expanded to 15 Ranks in 2000. Our Organist is Mickey Shankland.