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Shaking Things Up


Picture Credit – Canned Earthquake 2019. Photo taken by Rev. Alex Barnes First Scripture_Acts 16:16-34 Second Scripture_Rev 22:12-21 Sermon – Shaking Things Up – Rev. Alex Barnes

Guided by a Colorful Spirit


Picture Credit – Westside Wonder Mural in Charleston, West Virginia by Charles Jupiter Hamilton Photo taken by Amy Balfour from Lonely Planet First Scripture Lesson – John 14:23–39 – Read by Scott Kammer Second Scripture Lesson – Acts 16:6–15 – Read by Rev. Alex Barnes Sermon – Guided by a Colorful Spirit – Rev. Alex […]

Peter, You’ve Done it Again!


Scriptures_Acts 11:1-18, John 13:31-35, First part of Sermon given by Guest Pastor Robin Sharp Second part of Sermon given by Guest Pastor Robin Sharp, Hymn “Spirit of the Living God”, Hymn “Arise Your Light Is Come”

A Restoration Beyond Our Means


Picture – Spire of Notre Dame Cathedral & the Statues of the Saints, 2012, Photo taken by Alex Barnes First Scripture Lesson – Isaiah 65:17-25-Read by Rick Schumacher Second Scripture Lesson – Luke 24:1-32-Read by Rick Schumacher Sermon – A Restoration beyond Our Means – Rev. Alex Barnes

Good Friday Tenebrae Service

Good Friday Tenebrae Service – John Chapters 18 & 19 – Various Readers from Seville Presbyterian Church, Creston Presbyterian Church, and Milton Presbyterian Church. The Passion of the Lord from Chapters 18 & 19 of John’s Witness  First Reading • John 18:1–14  Hymn 93 • Ah, Holy Jesus (v.1)  2nd Reading • John 18:15–24   Hymn 82 […]

The Kingdom of Eden

Picture – The Garden of Eden, 1828, Thomas Cole, On display at the Amon Carter Museum in Fort Worth, Texas First Scripture Lesson – Genesis 2:4-21 – Read by Sue Timmons Second Scripture Lesson – Revelation 22:1-6 – Read by Rev. Matt Skolnik Sermon – The Garden of Eden – Sermon Author Rev. Matt Skolnik

The Current Temptation vs. The Current of God


Bulletin Illustration Credit – A Cold Waterslide, 2017 – Alex Barnes – Photo taken at Glacier National Park First Scripture Lesson – Isaiah 55:1-9 – Read by Bill Timmons Choir Anthem – I’ve Just Come From The Fountain Second Scripture Lesson – 1 Corinthians 10:1-13 – Read by Bill Timmons Sermon – The Current Temptation vs. The Current of God – […]

Called Home Away From Home


Picture – Stained Glass Window of St. Patrick Catholic Church in Junction City, Ohio First Scripture Lesson – Genesis 15:1-17 – Read by Scott Kammer Second Scripture Lesson – Philippians 3:17-4:1 – Read by Scott Kammer Sermon – Called Home Away From Home – Rev. Alex Barnes

Giving Firstfruits

Picture – Allegory of the Eucharist, c.1641–1689 – Alexander Coosemans – On Display at the Museé de Tessé in Le Mans, France First Scripture Lesson – Deuteronomy 26:1–11 – Read by Patricia Cristino Choir Anthem – Lord, I Stretch My Hands to You Second Scripture Lesson – Romans 10:8–11 – Read by Patricia Cristino Sermon […]