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The Characters Involved


Picture Credit – The Holy Trinity, 1577 – 1579, El Greco, The Prado Museum, Madrid, Spain First Scripture – John-17:20-25 – Read by Richard Schumacher Second Scripture – Romans 5:1-5 – Read by Rev. Barnes Sermon – The Characters Involved

Story by Story, Brick by Brick


Picture Credit – The Tower of Babel – 1563. Pieter Brueghel the Elder, Kunsthistoriches Museum, Vienna, Austria First Scripture – Genesis 11:1-9 – Read by Sarah Knight Second Scripture – Acts 2:1-21 – Read by Rev. Barnes Sermon – Story by Story, Brick by Brick

Shaking Things Up


Picture Credit – Canned Earthquake 2019. Photo taken by Rev. Alex Barnes First Scripture_Acts 16:16-34 Second Scripture_Rev 22:12-21 Sermon – Shaking Things Up – Rev. Alex Barnes

Guided by a Colorful Spirit


Picture Credit – Westside Wonder Mural in Charleston, West Virginia by Charles Jupiter Hamilton Photo taken by Amy Balfour from Lonely Planet First Scripture Lesson – John 14:23–39 – Read by Scott Kammer Second Scripture Lesson – Acts 16:6–15 – Read by Rev. Alex Barnes Sermon – Guided by a Colorful Spirit – Rev. Alex […]

A Restoration Beyond Our Means


Picture – Spire of Notre Dame Cathedral & the Statues of the Saints, 2012, Photo taken by Alex Barnes First Scripture Lesson – Isaiah 65:17-25-Read by Rick Schumacher Second Scripture Lesson – Luke 24:1-32-Read by Rick Schumacher Sermon – A Restoration beyond Our Means – Rev. Alex Barnes

Good Friday Tenebrae Service

Good Friday Tenebrae Service – John Chapters 18 & 19 – Various Readers from Seville Presbyterian Church, Creston Presbyterian Church, and Milton Presbyterian Church. The Passion of the Lord from Chapters 18 & 19 of John’s Witness  First Reading • John 18:1–14  Hymn 93 • Ah, Holy Jesus (v.1)  2nd Reading • John 18:15–24   Hymn 82 […]

The Kingdom of Eden

Picture – The Garden of Eden, 1828, Thomas Cole, On display at the Amon Carter Museum in Fort Worth, Texas First Scripture Lesson – Genesis 2:4-21 – Read by Sue Timmons Second Scripture Lesson – Revelation 22:1-6 – Read by Rev. Matt Skolnik Sermon – The Garden of Eden – Sermon Author Rev. Matt Skolnik

The Current Temptation vs. The Current of God


Bulletin Illustration Credit – A Cold Waterslide, 2017 – Alex Barnes – Photo taken at Glacier National Park First Scripture Lesson – Isaiah 55:1-9 – Read by Bill Timmons Choir Anthem – I’ve Just Come From The Fountain Second Scripture Lesson – 1 Corinthians 10:1-13 – Read by Bill Timmons Sermon – The Current Temptation vs. The Current of God – […]

Called Home Away From Home


Picture – Stained Glass Window of St. Patrick Catholic Church in Junction City, Ohio First Scripture Lesson – Genesis 15:1-17 – Read by Scott Kammer Second Scripture Lesson – Philippians 3:17-4:1 – Read by Scott Kammer Sermon – Called Home Away From Home – Rev. Alex Barnes