Picture –

Scaphe Sundial in Chalice, 1554
Made by Bartholomaeus Madauer
Located in the collection of The British Museum, London, England


Prelude – Hymn to Peace by David Paxton – Linda Pyle on piano


HYMN 319 – Immortal, Invisible, God Only Wise – Linda Pyle on piano


CHOIR ANTHEM – Is It the Crowning Day? – Linda Pyle on piano


Children’s Message – Be Prepared – Rev. Alex Barnes


SCRIPTURE LESSON – Ecclesiastes 3:1–11 and Mark 13:32–37 – by Cindy Vaughn


SERMON – Any Time Now … – Rev. Alex Barnes


HYMN 314 • What a Day That Will Be – Linda Pyle on piano


Offertory – And Then There Is My God by Jason W. Krug – Linda Pyle on piano


Communion Music Bread – Beneath the Cross of Jesus by Mark Hayes – Linda Pyle on piano


Communion Music Wine – Come Share the Lord by Mark Hayes – Linda Pyle on piano


HYMN 341 – Come Thou Almighty King – Linda Pyle on piano


Postlude – A Joyous Benediction by David Paxton