Picture –

Icon of The Fiery Ascent of the Prophet Elijah, mid-16th century
From the Northern Russian Schools
Located in the State Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia

Prelude – My Jesus, I Love Thee arranged by Tracy Craig McKibben – Linda Pyle on Piano


Hymn – Spirit of God, Descend upon My Heart (vv.1–3) – Linda Pyle on Piano


Choir Anthem – She Comes Sailing With the Wind – Linda Pyle on Piano


CHILDREN’S MESSAGE – Resurrection Eggs – Rev. Alex Barnes


SCRIPTURE LESSON  – 2 Kings 2:9–15 and John 16:5–11 – by Debbie Russell


SERMON – Prepared to Be Led by Letting Go – Rev. Alex Barnes


HYMN 143 – The Comforter Has Come (vv.1 & 4) – Linda Pyle on Piano


OFFERTORY – Meditation on “Southwell” arranged by David Lasky – Linda Pyle on Piano


HYMN 595 – Lead On, O King Eternal (vv. 1 & 3) – Linda Pyle on Piano


POSTLUDE – Blessings and Honor arranged by Terry Osman – Linda Pyle on Piano