Sermons from August 2019

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Paul in Chains: Philippians

Paul in Chains: The Letter to the Philippians – Pastor Duffy Roberts dramatizes Paul’s letter to the Philippians. Pastor Roberts has memorized the letter and has been doing dramatic readings of it for a number of years. We welcome him from the Youngstown area. The presentation of Paul in Chains begins at the 16 minute […]

Galatians Chapter 6 – Carrying Each Other’s Burdens


Introduction to Scripture Readings – Rev. Alex Barnes First Scripture Lesson – Galatians 6 – Read by Rev. Alex Barnes Second Scripture Lesson – Isaiah 9:2-6 – Read by Justine Brandes and Isaiah 40:28-31 – Read by Hal Leach   Third Scripture Lesson & Reflection Questions – Galatians 6 – Read by Cindy Vaughn Fourth […]