Sermons from November 2018

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The Second Chance for Saul


Illustration Credit: Saul and the Witch of Endor, late 18th c. Benjamin West. On display at the V&A Museum, London, UK Scripture Lessons – Esther 2:5–7, Romans 11:1 & Philippians 3:4b–9 – Read by Linda Crawford Prayer of Preparation for Message – Linda Crawford Sermon – The Second Chance for Saul – Shaun Rufener

Practicing Thanks that Stands in Any Whether

Photo Credit: A House Destroyed by Waves in Harvey Cedars, March 1962 From the book Great Storms of the Jersey Shore, Down The Shore Publishing Scripture Lessons – Ezekiel 33:30–33 & Matthew 7:24–29 – Read by Bill Robertson Sermon – Practicing Thanks That Stands in Any Whether – Rev. Alex Barnes

The Road Now Given


Picture Credit: The Road Not Taken, 2016. Margaret Ellis, UK. Scripture Reading – Genesis 32:22–30 & Matthew 7:13–23 – Read by Kayla Baisden Meditation – The Road Now Given – Rev. Alex Barnes Witness to Christ – Kayla Baisden