At the heart of the Milton Church is worship each Sunday morning.  Just as individual disciples are called to live out their faith, the Church is called to provide a witness to the local community through our deeds.

In many ways, the Milton Church supports the work of several organizations within our community.  Through Community Action of Wayne and Medina Counties, the Rittman Head Start unit utilizes the Church’s classroom space during the school year.

The Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts have regular meetings in the Church.  For many decades, the Milton Church has offered continuing support for the Scouting program in our community as a proud Sponsor.

Head Start

Head Start

For well over 30 years, our congregation has served our community as the host site for the Rittman community Head Start program.  Under the auspices of Community Action of Wayne and Medina counties, the Head Start program makes excellent use of our very inviting space in our education wing throughout the school week.

We have a commercial kitchen and a large, bright Fellowship Hall that are also in use by the children.  The professional staff serving the children includes certified teachers, social workers, intervention specialists, cooks, and aides.  Every measure is taken to ensure that the individual needs of these preschool students is met.

The Head Start students benefit from vision, hearing, and dental screenings, along with early speech intervention, music therapy, and excellent preschool education.

The Milton Church considers our partnership with Head Start as another means of serving our community.  We are very proud of the accomplishments and growth of our staff and students each year.

Our Faith in Action

The Elders on Session are excited about the success of our efforts to work together to let our light shine brighter in the Rittman area. In the 132-year history of the Milton Church, this has never been done before!!

On Sunday, May 15, 2011 we served our neighbors, our friends and our community.

On May 15, there was no formal worship in our sanctuary.  Instead, we met at the First Street Ashton Hall Memorial Park pavilion for light refreshments at 9 am.  Around 9:15 am, Pastor Rich  lead a brief devotional.  And then at 9:30 am, teams of members went out to serve in various ways for the next two hours.

Some persons volunteered to perform physical labor for the city and those who pass through.  There were groups who picked up trash, prepared Main St. flower beds for Spring flowers, performed yard work for a few Senior citizens who have difficulty performing the work themselves, and cleaned up a park.

But since we wanted everyone to participate, not all the work was physical in nature.  Some persons  performed random acts of kindness by handing out quarters at the Laundromat or the car wash.  Others preparee some tasty treats for our Emergency protection personnel in the city.  Still others offered an ice-cold bottle of water to those using our newly opened Rails to Trails course that begins near the Depot.

We used that morning to help make our community a more generous and compassionate place.

Out goal was to make a visible impact in a kind and loving way and to say to our neighbors, “We care, because God first loved us.”

THANKS to all who participated!!

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Milton Presbyterian Church Food Pantry

At the urging of one of our Small Groups in 2006, the Session voted to begin a Food Pantry.  It became quickly apparent that many members likewise felt the need to do even more for those facing challenging times close to home.

Stocked with the donations of members and friends of the congregation, the Food Pantry has steadily grown.  When a neighbor in the vicinity of the congregation expresses a need for food aid, we can now help them with a good variety of simple, tasty food choices.

Dozens of local residents, including many children, have received aid from our Food Pantry.  It is truly a blessing to be able to assist others in their time of need.


Free Community Meals

The last Sunday of every month we host a free community dinner. Everyone is invited to share a meal with us and listen to a guest speaker after.